08 May 2011

red panda sketches

and a random cat! C:

A wee update: I'm currently in the process of doing a complete overhaul of my website and my blog, so once that is all complete I'll give a shout here. (: I've been trying to sketch when I can in my spare time but I haven't really been updating any of it online at all. trying to get in to the swing of things again. (:

in the mean time, take it easy!

07 January 2011

Riverside Sketch

So much has happened! I got a job! I'm working at Microsoft as a Graphic Designer. Pretty cool stuff. It happened very quickly, but I am having so much fun and I've learned a lot already. I'm having a hard time finding energy for drawing at home... I've been doing a lot for work, but of course I can't show any of that here. Trying to get back into experimenting with my own stuff now that things have settled down, so look for updates. (: Make sure you check my deviantart page as well!!

Lunchtime doodle from work today. Might colour it, we'll see!

From a while back, just never posted it here for some reason. Derp derp (: I'll try and update more wth my sketches!!

10 November 2010

Happy Homemakers

Commission for the same client as below... this is the idea she ended up going with! Which I was happy with, because the previous one definitely looked too much like Wilma Flintstone...

03 August 2010

Help! I Need A Wife!

It's been awhile! Enjoying my summer... too much I suppose haha. This is a commission I did for someone needing preliminary work on their homemaking/housecleaning business idea. Pretty fun! I am currently working on a second illustration (:

Other than doodling and not getting any real work done, I've just been trying to come up with a new website design that is more geared towards freelancing. Any suggestions and ideas are welcome!!