15 February 2010

Sit By the Fire

FINALLY omgahd. I'm sure Craig will have some things to say, but it's done for now. :D Any critique you guys have would be great, too!!

Thanks for looking (:


Peach said...

Nice! I think to add a bit more oomph to your work, you could up the contrast a bit and add some blotches of light with an orange 450 soft brush on a hard light layer overtop. Maybe some blue by the window too. Great work, Terra!

Shyester said...

great job Terra!

definitely brings a warm feel to the place and a soft mood.

I'm lovin' it so keep it up.

Terra Spitzner said...

Thanks Peach! I definitely see what you mean. I actually had a couple of different overlays I tried, and the one with more contrast was good but i was worried it would be too dark on other moniters or when i print it... i will for sure try your suggestion though!!

And thank you Candice!! :D Really appreciate it ^^

Rosanna P. Brost said...

Love the warm colours, definately gives off a cozy feeling! Awesometastic job!