27 January 2010

We Have A Plan!

Two character dialogue assignment! We had to use Miguel and Tulio from The Road to ElDorado and animate them to a line of dialogue... I had trouble with the models. :C I tried to work on my structure more this time, still need a looooot of practice. My drawing is pretty flat... another week would have done me good, I think.

23 January 2010

Mysteries at the Museum

Characters for our digital painting class! I used these guys from this random story idea I had called Mysteries at the Museum. I might develop them more, but I like them for now. (:

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks for looking (:

16 January 2010

I Need Haaaaalp


I need help!! I can't decide if I like the coloured lineart or the black lineart better. :C Also - anything I should fix? Anything I should add? I would appreciate any comments you have. (:


13 January 2010


So we've finally started our digital painting class, which i am LOVING since I really enjoy concept art and things and really want to be doing that for a living some day... anyways, we usually do a 20minute speedpaint to warm up which is great practice.

and some colour theory experiments... chose the middle one to finish up for next week.

06 January 2010

Imagination Grows On Trees

Somehow I forgot to post this here haaaaa.

Illustration I did to base my website off of. Was going for a storybook kind of feel. (:

Here are some of the parts of the illustration separated, just because.

Thanks for looking!!

Please also take a look at my new website and let me know what you think!! (: