10 November 2010

Happy Homemakers

Commission for the same client as below... this is the idea she ended up going with! Which I was happy with, because the previous one definitely looked too much like Wilma Flintstone...

03 August 2010

Help! I Need A Wife!

It's been awhile! Enjoying my summer... too much I suppose haha. This is a commission I did for someone needing preliminary work on their homemaking/housecleaning business idea. Pretty fun! I am currently working on a second illustration (:

Other than doodling and not getting any real work done, I've just been trying to come up with a new website design that is more geared towards freelancing. Any suggestions and ideas are welcome!!

08 April 2010

Harry and Gay Perry

These are caricatures I did of Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang for an animation project awhile ago (:

07 April 2010

Princess and the Balloon

Soooo I tried to stay away from the blonde hair and the pink everything, but it just works too well! Augh. Put anything in pink and it makes it more cute. I originally had her with light brown hair and a blue dress, but it felt boring. XP

03 April 2010

Dancing Lifedrawins


Apparently I have virtually no good male lifedrawing lately. D:

29 March 2010

No Grin Here

Some quick fanart of Toothless before bed last night. GO SEE THIS MOVIE.

26 March 2010

My Dragon is Already Trained

In celebration of How to Train Your Dragon being released today!! I'm so excited for this movie and definitely ordering the art book.


24 March 2010

22 March 2010

From the 40's

40's era characters! I still havent decided if it's a family or if it's just a guy and girl, young and old haha. Because the little boy could totally grow into the man, and the little girl could grow into the woman. X)

Scroll down to see them each individually (:

This lollipop just makes me want to go to Disneyland...I want a puppy :C

16 March 2010

The Real Reaper

So... sometimes I draw creepy things, apparently. X)

You always see Grim Reapers that are all gangly and wispy and don't look like they could kill someone at all. So this kind of turned into a real grim reaper who would kick your ass and take your life. Also, his orb is full of blood. (:

Back to drawing cute things!! (:

13 March 2010

11 March 2010

The One and Only Hatter

My version of the Mad Hatter!! Tryin to get better at painting and thinking about lighting and things. (: Any suggestions are welcome!

09 March 2010

I Want Snow

I want snow, even though it's supposed to be spring soon. So I drew a snow leopard. Yes.

08 March 2010

Farm Layouts/Concepts

Some colour/ painting concepts for a final project. Trying to go for a sort of watercolour feel. (: The layout on the bottom is a tighter and more finalized, using the techniques/colours I explored in the concepts. These were fuuuuun but thats enough of farms for now haha.

01 March 2010

Harry and His Hedwig

Just practicing and I felt like colouring Harry. He is soo intense. 8D

Harry Potter & Hedwig (c) JK Rowling or Warner bros. or whoever it is now.

15 February 2010

Sit By the Fire

FINALLY omgahd. I'm sure Craig will have some things to say, but it's done for now. :D Any critique you guys have would be great, too!!

Thanks for looking (:

08 February 2010

Inukshuks and Libraries

Another speedpaint, trying to get better and stop being such a perfectionist when it comes to painting...

and colourkeys for my library layout. I think I'm going with the middle one. (:

07 February 2010

Orcas Are Happy Animals

Killer whale speedpaint! trying to do at least one of these a week now. It's good practice and i really need it haha. X) Plus I love orcas. So happy <3

04 February 2010