29 October 2009

Amsterdam Layout

Didn't turn out exactly how I wanted but I made some mistakes and therefore learned a lot. I'm enjoying layout, but I'm having a hard time getting my ideas to paper... hopefully the next round will be better. (:

21 October 2009

Goofy and Storyboards

There is definitely a couple of things in here I need to fix and I also need to spend some time on finishing up Goofy's model... so any feedback and critiques would be greatly appreciated. (: Don't think it's a demo peice at all but I would still like to tighten it up some more.

In Storyboaring our assignment was to do 30-40 panels of characters in a busy restaurant, and for something unexpected to happen at the end. I'm still learning a lot about storyboarding but it's been fun so far thinking of shots and stuff... but hopefully my next ones will be better.

Again, any critiques would be great! (:

Thanks for looking!!

12 October 2009

Some Goofy Things

Happy Turkey Day everyone!! Here is some stuff to celebrate, I guess...

I am so excited for Where the Wilds Things Are, you have no idea!!

aaand some dragons, for good measure...

Some practice sketches of Goofy, since we are animating him right now in class. (:

and just a simple in-class assignment to get ready and practice for Goofy!

Hopefully I will get some recent lifedrawing up here soon as well. (: Thanks for looking!

07 October 2009

First Layout and a Puppy!

Here's our first layout of second year, all cleaned up... definitely learned a lot. Oh, and I thought you guys might want to see how much I've improved over the last 15 years or so... found this when i was cleaning my desk a couple of days ago.


I especially love how the door is so high that no one could get in, or my one colour rainbow.

aaaaaand now!


and here's a puppy. (:

06 October 2009

It's Just a Rabbit....

First acting assignment of second year... we used Alice to do a lip sync to a line from the movie. At first I hated the idea of using Alice but once I practiced her a bit it was actually enjoyable. (:

Here are some sketches...

05 October 2009

It Burns!

My weekly illustration for the topic "It burns!". I planned to colour it but had a crazy weekend and therefore no time. I will eventually though.

Hopefully I can continue doing the weekly's from now on :D

04 October 2009