25 November 2009

Library and Sketchies

My rough for our final assignment in layout. Still some stuff to fix but I'm having fun with it (: This will be my library one day.

Aaaand sketches from the last week or so. I need to draw more.

Her neck is waaaaay too long but yeah

The stupid looking one in the corner is an adelie penguin and they actually look super dumb like that. Its awesome.

Thanks for looking!! (:

22 November 2009

Marketplace Layout

For my city layout I did a fruit marketplace... technically where waterfront station should be haha. Creative license ftw X)

Sketchdump later today.

11 November 2009

Don't Pull Out Her Head!!

Our latest assignment was to animate Lilo to a line of dialogue from Lilo and Stitch. There are definitely a few things I want to fix in this, along with making her more on model. Hopefully once that's done it will be good enough to go in my reel for the end of the year (: As always, critiques are welcome.

Thanks for looking!!