18 April 2009

Final Directing Film

Here's the music video I did as the final project for our directing class:

I had a lot of fun editing haha. (:


Eiki Iwamura (Young Hee Huh) said...

I like this music video a lot!
It's very beautiful and nice editing :)

Dennis (DenDen) said...

By the way, I forgot to tell you in class, this film is excellent. This is like...television broadcast worthy.

You should send it to Coldplay as their next music video, that would be awesome.

terra said...

haha thanks guys!!

I was actually thinking of sending it to them, but then I wondered if they would be like "omfg she used our song without permission!! she is not worthy! BAN HER AS A COLDPLAY FAN FOREVER!!!" and then they would take away my concert tickets...

I may have blown it out of porportion but... it could happen. Don't want to risk it. XP