09 April 2009

Final Animation Project - Rough

Here's the rough of our final animation for Spring 2009. (:

It's been pretty fun so far... I love doing tails. I might actually change my music track, not too sure about the one I have... I also still need to record the "dialogue" haha.


Chelsea said...

OH RIGHT THE DIALOGUE. Haha I still have to do that too. :p

aaaa Terraaaaa it's so goooood. I love how he slips and slides all over the place. SO CUTE. <3

(&) said...

Good job Terra!!...

I like the music it's very filmish (I mean as an actual film score). Although, I know that after listening thousands of times music loses a lot of meaning. It happens the same to me, after a while I like more my animation without music.

There's something I think it could improve your animation. When Pikachu is sleeping and gets hit by the ball, he isn't surprise at all, he just rolls and jumps...I know he got used to be chased by flying balls a long time ago, but just for the audience, he could show surprise and fear. :)

The other thing is the slides. I would have pushed more the body backwards when he slides. On the slides his back part of the body is almost in the same spot while the front part is fighting against the force. Just keeping the body going back it would add a lot of effect to the slide.

Anyway... GREAT JOB!!

terra said...

Thanks for the critiques! I definitely see what you mean about the first slide and the back staying in the same place... I will take a closer look in class on Tuesday. (: