18 April 2009

Final Directing Film

Here's the music video I did as the final project for our directing class:

I had a lot of fun editing haha. (:

17 April 2009

Finals - Animation and Design

Here's a bunch of final stuff for first year! (:

Our final project for animation. I tweaked a few things from the rough but other than that I had to use the time to work on other projects.

Final Design Package:

Just a character lineup... I was going to add in a few sketches of secondary characters but didn't find the time. Might still do that in the near future.

Lead character. (:

Comic relief. I love this little guy haha. XD

Love interest! She was fun to do.

I still need to compress my final directing video so that should be up here tonight or tomorrow. Aaaand I forgot to scan my final layouts before handing them in to John, so I'll get those back at GradShow next weekend and post them afterwards. (: I'll probably also get some Lifedrawing and Anatomy stuff up here soon.

09 April 2009

Final Animation Project - Rough

Here's the rough of our final animation for Spring 2009. (:

It's been pretty fun so far... I love doing tails. I might actually change my music track, not too sure about the one I have... I also still need to record the "dialogue" haha.

02 April 2009

Hospital Pan Layout - Final Colour

Completed version of our 3fld pan for layout! It turned out looking a lot better in colour I think, although I'm still not entirely happy with how the original concept turned out... but in any case I had a lot of fun painting this one and was able to experiment a bit more than I have in the past. (: