16 March 2009

Flashy Flash Stuff - edited

edit: Reuploaded the videos so they aren't all choppy. (:

Here's a dump... two small flash animations to start. These were the last of the weight assignments that we had.

Yeah... added the face just for kicks.

The Pink Panther one was a lot of fun for some reason but also the most difficult... it wasn't so much the rope swing for me, but trying to make it look like gravity was really pulling against him as he tried to climb up the rope.

Aaand another flash assignment - this time our first with symbols. When we were first learning it I was a little lost, but once I tried it a few times I found it surprisingly fun. Our assignment was just to make a random character jump and land once. I chose a ninja just so I could do some crazy and absolutely ridiculous squash and pose in mid-air. XD Just imagine if some random dude on the street did this. You would think he was a ninja.

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Dennis (DenDen) said...

Yeah, I liked my Pink Panther too but I had the same difficulty with weight and gravity. It was fun making him swing but he was basically as light as paper :S

2nd year will open our eyes and whip us into shape, imagine looking at that pink panther in a year and going "HA!"