27 March 2009

Rough Hospital Pan

Here's the rough pan for layout...

and with the overlay...

They didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted, and I ended up getting really frustrated with it and had no energy to start again,. so i just tried to fix what I had. I'm hoping they'll look a lot better once I colour them... so far I've got the flat colour done and it seems to be coming along a bit better. (:

Design - Medieval Props

Roughs of a weapon, holster and vehicle for design class. (:

20 March 2009

Limited Animation - Hugsies?

Here's our latest assignment - a two character dialogue in limited animation. We had to create our own UPA-style characters, which definitely made the project more fun. (: I like dinosaurs.

16 March 2009

Flashy Flash Stuff - edited

edit: Reuploaded the videos so they aren't all choppy. (:

Here's a dump... two small flash animations to start. These were the last of the weight assignments that we had.

Yeah... added the face just for kicks.

The Pink Panther one was a lot of fun for some reason but also the most difficult... it wasn't so much the rope swing for me, but trying to make it look like gravity was really pulling against him as he tried to climb up the rope.

Aaand another flash assignment - this time our first with symbols. When we were first learning it I was a little lost, but once I tried it a few times I found it surprisingly fun. Our assignment was just to make a random character jump and land once. I chose a ninja just so I could do some crazy and absolutely ridiculous squash and pose in mid-air. XD Just imagine if some random dude on the street did this. You would think he was a ninja.

14 March 2009

An Incredible Future

Doodle from the lab a week or two back... very Incredibles inspired. Not too sure what her power is yet.

Futuristic characters for design. They were supposed to be made for flash and go with the futuristic city we did for layout class... so my city was essentially "The Recycled City" that was made of the foundations of old buildings and ruins that were then enhanced with recycled materials and really random things... so basically everyone that lives there is extremely well-off and successful and young. Perhaps it`s the not-too-distant future? haha. I like the guy's design but wasn't too happy with the girl. I might redo her and colur them for a portfolio peice... we shall seeeee.