19 February 2009

Here we go...

Ahh second semester!!

Some random sketchbook doodles to start off. (: And I have nothing against cats, but the cat from Bolt just always seemed to have a bored expression. She was cool though.

Experimenting with volumes for character design... I probably could have pushed it a LOT more. :\

Yay layout! So far it's been pretty fun - this is the only assignment I have from that class, seeing as John likes to keep our stuff haha. Um... I like pirates. (: He's probably getting sick of it.

Some animations. (:

Special effects was fun but I found it really hard. I don't really know why... a lot of thought had to go in to what you were doing and it hurt my brain. I could have made the final spx assignment a lot better but I just ran out of time and it kind of shows... it was interesting though!

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Rosanna P. Brost said...

Wow Terra, I love your layout :D