27 December 2009

I Am Iron Man

After watching Iron Man and the Iron Man 2 trailer about a million times I decided it was time for some fan art :] This is one of the better sketches I pulled from a bunch and had fun painting.

Thanks for looking (:

19 December 2009

Teletoon Bumper

Our final assignment for our 2D Digital Animation class was to create a 15 second bumper for a cartoon station of our choice. We could use either Flash or TVPaint... I chose flash to get some more experience with it. With this being my first full Flash assignment I learned A TON which was great.

Sorry for the shotty quality - I had to compress way more than I would have liked to so that it would upload properly. :C

The end result turned out a bit different than my initial thought, but I've grown to like it nonetheless. I'll definitely be doing some flash experiments over the break - I still have sooo much to learn. But it's been fun. (:

Thanks for looking!!

16 December 2009

Libraries Are Warm and Cozy

Final layout for class... the greyscale was tons of fun, I can't wait to colour this. (:

Thanks for looking!! (:

14 December 2009

Jurassic Crunch - Final Storyboards

Our final assignment in Storyboarding was to do either a cereal commercial or an intro/prologue to a story. I did Jurassic Crunch (: It's pretty much the most awesome cereal in the world. Dinosaur egg marshmellows?! What's not to like? There's an adventure in every bite!!

Thanks for looking! More posts are coming (:

02 December 2009

It's Cold

I love getting bundeled up to go outside. (: winter <3

Daffy and that Library Again

Our last assignment for first semester was to have Daffy balancing on a ball. For the actual balancing section we had a storyboard given to us that we more or less had to follow, and the ending was up to us. We could either have Daffy go through the halfpipe or have something else random happen to him. If I have time in the last two weeks of the semester I will probably have the ball change in to a rocket... and fix up Daffy's model. I thought I had him alright through parts of it, but other areas are pretty terrible. :C

I also changed up my library layout a bit and moved the chair around and next to the fireplace. There are a few perspective problems I know I need to fix, but any suggestions and comments would be greatly appreciated. (:

Thanks for looking!! (:

25 November 2009

Library and Sketchies

My rough for our final assignment in layout. Still some stuff to fix but I'm having fun with it (: This will be my library one day.

Aaaand sketches from the last week or so. I need to draw more.

Her neck is waaaaay too long but yeah

The stupid looking one in the corner is an adelie penguin and they actually look super dumb like that. Its awesome.

Thanks for looking!! (:

22 November 2009

Marketplace Layout

For my city layout I did a fruit marketplace... technically where waterfront station should be haha. Creative license ftw X)

Sketchdump later today.

11 November 2009

Don't Pull Out Her Head!!

Our latest assignment was to animate Lilo to a line of dialogue from Lilo and Stitch. There are definitely a few things I want to fix in this, along with making her more on model. Hopefully once that's done it will be good enough to go in my reel for the end of the year (: As always, critiques are welcome.

Thanks for looking!!

29 October 2009

Amsterdam Layout

Didn't turn out exactly how I wanted but I made some mistakes and therefore learned a lot. I'm enjoying layout, but I'm having a hard time getting my ideas to paper... hopefully the next round will be better. (:

21 October 2009

Goofy and Storyboards

There is definitely a couple of things in here I need to fix and I also need to spend some time on finishing up Goofy's model... so any feedback and critiques would be greatly appreciated. (: Don't think it's a demo peice at all but I would still like to tighten it up some more.

In Storyboaring our assignment was to do 30-40 panels of characters in a busy restaurant, and for something unexpected to happen at the end. I'm still learning a lot about storyboarding but it's been fun so far thinking of shots and stuff... but hopefully my next ones will be better.

Again, any critiques would be great! (:

Thanks for looking!!

12 October 2009

Some Goofy Things

Happy Turkey Day everyone!! Here is some stuff to celebrate, I guess...

I am so excited for Where the Wilds Things Are, you have no idea!!

aaand some dragons, for good measure...

Some practice sketches of Goofy, since we are animating him right now in class. (:

and just a simple in-class assignment to get ready and practice for Goofy!

Hopefully I will get some recent lifedrawing up here soon as well. (: Thanks for looking!

07 October 2009

First Layout and a Puppy!

Here's our first layout of second year, all cleaned up... definitely learned a lot. Oh, and I thought you guys might want to see how much I've improved over the last 15 years or so... found this when i was cleaning my desk a couple of days ago.


I especially love how the door is so high that no one could get in, or my one colour rainbow.

aaaaaand now!


and here's a puppy. (:

06 October 2009

It's Just a Rabbit....

First acting assignment of second year... we used Alice to do a lip sync to a line from the movie. At first I hated the idea of using Alice but once I practiced her a bit it was actually enjoyable. (:

Here are some sketches...

05 October 2009

It Burns!

My weekly illustration for the topic "It burns!". I planned to colour it but had a crazy weekend and therefore no time. I will eventually though.

Hopefully I can continue doing the weekly's from now on :D

04 October 2009

23 September 2009

Pink Panther Boulder Throw

Here's our first animation assignment of second year! Just a weight assignment with the Pink Panther (:

12 September 2009

My First Bike

Just an exercise for our 2D Digital Animation class... learning how to draw and paint in TVPaint. Pretty neat program, I'm liking it more and more every time I use it.

Anyways, here's a tricycle, because they are awesome. :D

19 August 2009

lifedrawing and things

Finally back to lifedrawing!! It didn't take as long as I thought it would to get used to it again, which was nice.

... taking important breaks in between poses. X)

And once again I failed to do the weekly illustration... can someone please threaten to throw me off a cliff so I do the one for next week?? thanks.

27 July 2009


Jumping sackboy. (: I don't know what it is but everytime I play this game I just jump the whole way through the course because it makes me giggle. 8D

Sackboy is (c) LittleBigPlanet/Sony/whoever else.

24 June 2009

it's an art!!

i like dragons 8D he will eventually go on the header for my website that I'm slowly working on. (: He also needs a name...

18 April 2009

Final Directing Film

Here's the music video I did as the final project for our directing class:

I had a lot of fun editing haha. (:

17 April 2009

Finals - Animation and Design

Here's a bunch of final stuff for first year! (:

Our final project for animation. I tweaked a few things from the rough but other than that I had to use the time to work on other projects.

Final Design Package:

Just a character lineup... I was going to add in a few sketches of secondary characters but didn't find the time. Might still do that in the near future.

Lead character. (:

Comic relief. I love this little guy haha. XD

Love interest! She was fun to do.

I still need to compress my final directing video so that should be up here tonight or tomorrow. Aaaand I forgot to scan my final layouts before handing them in to John, so I'll get those back at GradShow next weekend and post them afterwards. (: I'll probably also get some Lifedrawing and Anatomy stuff up here soon.

09 April 2009

Final Animation Project - Rough

Here's the rough of our final animation for Spring 2009. (:

It's been pretty fun so far... I love doing tails. I might actually change my music track, not too sure about the one I have... I also still need to record the "dialogue" haha.

02 April 2009

Hospital Pan Layout - Final Colour

Completed version of our 3fld pan for layout! It turned out looking a lot better in colour I think, although I'm still not entirely happy with how the original concept turned out... but in any case I had a lot of fun painting this one and was able to experiment a bit more than I have in the past. (: